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A Discreet Phone Sex, Sexting, Vids, Pics and more Personal Service. Hi Guys!! Or even Ladies!! Welcome to SxSenSe you’ve came to the right place for some you time. So a little about me, I’m laura-J currently 29 years old and I’m a mother of one, and a dance teacher at my local gym and by night I turn into your personal little secret or your kinky friend. I am here to satisfy yours needs from the comfort of your house, on your sofa, your bed or even your car. I can also be your virtual “companion” if you’re just in need for a bubbly chat to take your mind of demanding work responsibilities, or need to get some things of your chest. I don’t want to make this too long as I’m well aware you’re not here to read a book, or a Biography so to keep this short and sweet. The services you can find here are first and foremost DISCREET, FRIENDLY, SEXY & GENUINE. I work along side a small group of ladies who are my friends that wanted to take on some of the FUN!! Many of my guys prefer having a little choice. You can have Phone sex with Myself (Laura) and tell me you’re wildest fantasies, or have some kinky Sexting with Jasmine (28) another sexy brunette, or even a group sexting session with Jasmine, Amelia (26) The Red Headed horny devil & Davina (24) The blonde bombshell WINK WINK. We also send naughty nudes pictures or you can opt for LIVES at a reasonable Price. You can book me for a close cam and watch me Play with my big fake tits or buy some dirty underwear. The world is you’re Oyster! Most of all tho I can promise a bubbly, exciting, and friendly experience here at SxSense. Please go to the service page to find a wider range of services that I can offer you. Please note I offer my services through WhatsApp and you must send me a message to ask me for your booking requirements. Myself and Jasmine are around 7 nights a week till the sun comes up again. I’m looking forward to speaking with you ;) Laura- J
The Horny Devils
I’m Laura-J currently I’m 29 years old. I’m a Hip-Hop dance teacher/ Mother in the day. By night I’m all yours if you want me to be. Let’s have fun imagine the moves I’ll make on you!! Laura - The Boss Lady X
I’m 28, I’m a dentist assistant, it’s probably why I Enjoy gagging you while you enjoy my pleasures. Haha I love being in full control, telling you to do things for me and doing as you’re told. DO NOT DISOBEY ME…! Jasmine The Dom X
I’m 24 years young but I know exactly what I’m doing in the bedroom. I’m a student still at uni so I’m definitely finding myself. I love to be dirty, Let me tell you exactly what I would love to do with you and what I think you should do to my HUGE tits! Davina The Bombshell X
Hi guys. So Amelia I’m new to the world of virtual sex but I’ve enjoyed learning many new things, I’ve definitely learnt a lot about myself. Talk to me and teach me something new. I’m horny 24/7 it’s no joke. Amelia The Shy Red Devil XxX
I’M NOT AN ESCORT I’M A MUM!! Please look else where thank you. X SOME PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE AFTER 1AM WhatsApp Me Between 8pm-3am EVERY EVENING. 📞PHONE SEX (NOT CAM) 5 mins - £5 10 mins - £8 15 mins - £12 25 min - £18 📱SOLO SEXTING with jasmine, Davina or Amelia. (Prices change after 1am & 3am) 10 mins - £15 + 4 pics 20 mins - £22 + 6 pics 30 mins - £30 + 8 Pics 📲 THREEWAY SEXT (With 2 ladies) (Prices change after 1am & 3am) 10 min - £22 + 4 pic 20 min - £35 + 8 pic 30 min - £50 + 10 pic 📱 FOURWAY SEXTING 10 min - £30 + 6 pics 20 min - £45 + 8 pics 30 min - £60 + 10 pics 🍆 COCK RATING (Via text or voice note) 1 - £5 🎥 FACETIME (I watch you only you’ll see my legs only & I talk dirty) 5 mins - £10 10 mins - £15 🎥 FACETIME (Black Screen my end I watch you while I talk dirty) 5 min - £7 10 mins - £10 🎥 FACETIME Cleavage (Only cleavage 34DD) 5 min - £20 🎥 FACETIME CLOSE I’m not a full cam girl since having my son) and don’t show tattoos. 5 mins - Boob play £40 5 mins - Pussy play £50 5 min - Both £60 🎥 FACETIME FOOTFET 5 mins - £15 👩🏻‍🦱 PIC WITH FACE (FULLY DRESSED) 3 pix - £4 🦵NUDES (WITHOUT FACE) 8 Pix - £6 💋 SEX VOICE NOTES (2 mins) 1 - PERSONALISED - £5 🎞 PRE-MADE VIDEOS (2-5 mins long) £8 each or £12 for two Masturabtion Boob play Squirt Bj/Wank Dildo Fuck Pissing Foot wank Joi Piss Tit wank 🎞 PERSONAL VIDEOS (I’ll say your name or talk about a subject) LENGH 4 MINUTES. Boobs £30 Pussy £40 👙USED PANTIES (24 hours & Cum) Choose your own style and colour I will buy then wear then send. £30 (FREE P&P) —————————— 💰HOW TO PAY?? BANK TRANSFER FREE PAYPAL Isn’t mine so I do charge £2 more every transaction. Laura-J The Boss Lady 😊
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